Windows Live Mail - Cannot Send Emails

My system: Windows Vista Home SP1 with Comodo free CIS installed:

Laptop is connected via ethernet cable to a wireless modem that on a local area network that also serves a desktop computer. I can get on line and surf the internet via IE and Firefox browsers whether the other computer is on or off.

My Windows Live Mail servers are set at correct incoming: ‘’ and outgoing ‘’ and port setting 110 (same as on a friends WinXPHome Live Mail wireless networked laptop working OK). I can download emails from Tiscali website mail, but my setup will not allow me to send emails from laptop Live Mail and gives error message.

Maybe the CIS is blocking outgoing emails. Any suggestions to overcome? Early response appreciated, thanks. ???

What is the error message that Windows Live Mail is giving you when you try to send a message?

Thanks for quick response. The error message was as folloqws:

“Server Response 554 non local IP address is not allowed to send email via me port 25 secure (SSL) no server error 554 error no. 0x800CCC6F incident 090619”

I hope that helps for a solution. Thanks.

Hmm, do you need to enable TLS? That is, do you need to use encrypted ports? Check your email provider for POP/IMAP and SMTP/ESMPT port info.