Windows keyboard shortcut hint message when launching Dragon?

I get a Windows keyboard shortcut hint message whenever I launch Dragon. For example, it shows “Press Win+G to open Game Bar”. None of my other browsers show such a message and I don’t see anything in the Dragon settings about this. I can check the box to not show it again but I want to understand where this is coming from first. Thanks.

Can you check what extensions are installed with Dragon? Game bar is a feature of Windows 10: ITPro Today: IT News, How-Tos, Trends, Case Studies, Career Tips, More . Does your Dragon open with a specific website (a gaming site)?

I am using Windows 10 and have just the standard Comodo extensions (with Drag&Drop Service and Media Downloader disabled). This happens even when I open an Incognito Window which opens a blank page and it is a different message each time (not always about the Game Bar). For example, I also get “Press Win + Alt + R to start or stop a recording” and others.

Nobody else has seen this? Is this a “feature” of Dragon since I see no mention of it with plain Chrome? It seems unlikely it is some kind of infection since I saw it when I opened Dragon for the first time.

It seems that nobody at Comodo cares but I will share what I found anyways.

Most likely “dragon.exe” is used by a game known to windows (knowngamelist.bin file) so it gives these hints at launch. It can probably be safely dismissed to not be shown again but all Windows 8 & 10 users should run into this initially.

See here for discussion about the same problem with a different exe: Windows 10: "Press Win + G to open Game bar" ? - Total Commander

This is hilarious. I work for Microsoft and I’ll make sure a bug gets opened to address this. I know the team that works on this is really awesome and they’ll probably get a fix out shortly.