Windows Kernel growing

Hi again.

Following on from here, I noticed that the Windows Kernel seemed much larger than it used to be, i.e. always around 76,000KB. I rebooted yesterday and it was about 90,000KB just after startup - the PC has been idle but it’s been growing ever since - afew hours ago it was 146,000KB, then 169,000KB? (see pic ‘CIS_20’).
Another restart again and back to 91,000KB (‘CIS_21’).

Does CIS have kernel-resident components?

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Happened again today, though not to the same extent. Is it just me?

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Is it just me? Windows kernel 167MB and trending up.

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Mine seems to be sitting around the 65MB mark. Running XP Pro SP3.


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Yeah, so do all the other XP Pro SP3 PCs I have checked so far. It may be a coincidence but it didn’t happen with my previous AV (PC Tools Free AV v.7). It has actually dropped a little today to 152100 (compare samples attached).

Does CIS have kernel-resident components that might account for this?

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I think Kernel Resident components are likely with CIS drivers, but to account for this I very much doubt mine hovers around total 25000 to 35000. Drivers and system account for this, I personally would suspect something other than CIS. Maybe indexing or some form of caching from a program or even an incompatable driver. Good luck.

I restarted again today (first pic), 5 hours later (2nd pic). If it happened on any other similar PC/OS with another AV I wouldn’t be asking here but I still haven’t been able to reproduce it on another PC.

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Another day… another 60MB!

I Guess I’ll have to uninstall CIS to find out what is really going on.

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CIS does have a couple of Kernel drivers (picture below)

Do you have any entries in Event Log with event ID 2019 or 2020 referenced in the article HERE

Looks like a leak somewhere, good luck in tracking it down. Maybe it is CIS on that system, it doesn`t seem a widespread issue but you never know!


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Thanks Matty_R
No events with either number logged so I’m still none the wiser