My computer won’t allow me to remove this file: windows-kb890830-v1.4-enu. Comodo warns this is a heur.suspicious@22461459. I am unable to upload into to see if it is a false positive or not. I am unable to remove with file assassin. Even when logged on as the administrator, this programs says it is not able to be modified in anyway by other than an administrator. Please help…how do I get this problem solved?

Are you sure this is a legitimate Windows? Where did you download it from?

Does it have a digital signature? Click right on the file and choose Properties → see if there is a Digital signatures tab and check under Details if the signature is valid. See also the attached images.

When it is a valid Microsoft file it is most likely a false positive.

Is the file too big to send to Virus Total? Try Jotti’s scanner. It has a upload limit of 15 MB.

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I logged in as administrator and checked the properties. The digital signature and details appeared to be valid through Microsoft. At this time, I was able to delete the file as the administrator. Problem solved.

Thank you.

This seems to be a 5 year old version of the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool, so a false positive for sure. That would explain why it was hard to remove.

Hi sjanevans ,

“KB890830” is actually MS Malicious Software Removal Tool that is coming with patches

Are you sure that you are providing precise name?

Actually you can download the said Tool when you want to run it irrespectively to patches. But that name has a bit different format
Say the latest from January is “windows-kb890830-v3.3.exe” and can be downloaded here

My regards

*** edit *** typing in sync with JamesFrance :slight_smile: … and you are right , James
In any case it would’ve been helpful to submit the file to Comodo developers instead of just deleting