Windows KB4022716 Update

Hi Folks, I have a unique problem. I have a neighbor who had 2 Dell computers and on one the free Mafee had run out today and she didn’t want to pay. She wanted Avast and Comodo Firewall which she had another time. I uninstalled Mcafee and ran the clean up tool. Installed Avast then the Comodo Firewall with no hitches… Then the Firewall did an update to comply with KB4022716. Great. We went to her desktop and it was just finishing windows updates. I have installed Avast and using Windows Firewall. Does Comodo have an installer for just the Firewall that won’t have to update similar to the CIS one? Thanks

Never mind I found the answer in CIS setup. Comodo Internet Security v10.0.1.6254 Released, which had a setup for just the firewall. Everything worked great. Wish I had a better memory, but not too bad for eighty.