Windows is NOT recognizing Comodo [Resolved]

hello ever1, i just installed Comodo firewall and Windows Security is not recognizing Comodo- in fact it is showing a firewall i deinstalled yesterday.

Comodo is in the taskbar and functional.

Any suggestions?

DREAM, welcome to the forum. Have you checked out the FAQ’s? It’s a great place to start.

Windows doesn't recognize Comodo Personal Firewall (CPF),211.0.html,545.0.html,1182.0/topicseen.html

(BTW, I hope you come true :D)

Thanks for the links Soyab…oops ! ;D I don’t use the Sec. Center and leave it disabled in Services. However after having uninstalled NAV some time ago, and reading this thread, I checked and saw that Sec. Center reports ‘one or more firewalls installed…’
Exiting Comodo it only reports Norton worm protection. I know that I have thoroughly uninstalled Norton AV (took over an hour with the aid of Regseeker and jv16).
Anyway it doesn’t worry me and I prefer the Sec. Center Service set to ‘disabled’

Normally, only users who are not familiar with disabling Windows services prefer to have the Security Center on. If only they knew how useless it really is, it would benefit them…

thanks for the links Soya- i did in fact give the faq’s a cursory glance but missed tjhose threads you linked.

i followed these instructions by dooplex
1 ) Start → Run → wbemtest (ok)
2 ) In wbemtest click Connect…
3 ) Where it says ‘root\default’ overtype with: root\SecurityCenter click Connect
4 ) You see a grid of buttons, click Query…
5 ) In the query box type: “Select * from AntivirusProduct” and then ‘Apply’. If you get a result you can double click it and scroll down the properties of that AntivirusProduct.
6 ) You can also run the query: “Select * From FirewallProduct” if you have another firewall product (which is WMI enabled) apart from Microsoft’s (which is perhaps surfaced in the root\CIMV2 namespace and not in the SecurityCenter namespace)
7 ) Check that the entry is indeed the unwanted Firewall product (e.g. Sunbelt Kerio) by double-clicking on it and checking things like the company name. Once satisfied, delete the entire entry.
8 ) Log off and back on again. Alternatively, reboot.

it worked, in addition i removed the registry entries Outpost left behind. (:KWL)