Windows is 'collapsing,' Gartner analysts warn

An interesting article about why Vista will be the last Windows version as we know it, and why Windows 7 is the future :

Greetz, Red.

the company is being beaten by others in the innovation arena

That is hardly a new situation, what has changed is that Micro$oft can no longer get
away with stealing other peoples work because of the IP-laws that Micro$oft and others
have bribed Government to pass .

Windows 7 isn’t “the future”, there is no future for over-priced closed-source OS’s .
Why would people want to pay the Micro$oft-tax when there is a free alternative
with a security-model that actually works ?
The only excuse for still using windoze is … Gaming ;D

The excuse for using Windows is not only gaming, but software in general. In both home and business environment there is a lot of software that is exclusively written for just one OS, so that switching to an other OS is not possible.

Greetz, Red.