Windows Integrity Scan (sfc /scannow) takes 2x the time with CIS installed

Long story short, Windows Explorer got corrupted after updating to Creator’s update, so I had to uninstall CIS and run a Windows integrity scan, as suggested by another forum. Without CIS, the integrity scan finished in about 5 minutes. I reinstalled CIS after the corruption was gone and scanned again. This time it took about 12 minutes. What’s interesting, during the slow scan, the process was using only one core, as seen here and this is the core utilization when CIS was not installed.

I would also like to point out that this is not related to the Creator’s update, as I’ve noticed before that the scans were slow.

You check with CPUEater and try with changing between enable adaptive mode under low resources enabled and disabled which is located in HIPS settings. When you switch between adaptive mode setting reboot and also disable viruscope while you test.

Do I also need to use Process Lasso?

Nope. I’m not sure if CPU Eater as test is relevant. It could be specific to sfc. Hmm. I’ll check a bit later. Looks interesting.

From my testing it is, indeed, specific to sfc /scannow. Games don’t seems to be affected, Photoshop runs almost the same and encoding a video in Adobe Premiere takes the same time with or without CIS.

I’ve tested the integrity scan with “adaptive mode under low resources” on both on/off states and there’s no difference, still 1 core utilization.

Is it also noticeable with sfc /verifyonly?
Try to disable AV & check again. Any difference?

Yes, sfc /verifyonly does the same thing. With the AV disabled, the integrity scan process uses all the cores and finishes in aprox. 5 minutes. When I activate the AV, we’re back to 1 core and 12 minutes.

Just speculating but maybe Microsoft made checks in sfc to not use much resources when a 3rd-party AV is running so as to not slow down the AV? Only way to prove that would be to install a different AV and try with it enabled and disabled.