Windows Installer PoP Up '{3207D1B1-80E5-11D2-B95D-006097C4DE24}'

Gooood Gaawwwwd.

Three days and hour upon hour of reg cleaners, forums, reinstall of Windows Installer and finally, weeding through the event viewer in Applications and System, found this string that lead me here, indicating some connection between Sonic BackUp MyPc and Comodo.

I keep getting an installer for “Sonic BackUp MyPc” each time I start Windows or several other applications (including right clicking on the task bar and mousing over “Toolbars”…I know, go figure…real strange. Not properties, show desktop, lock taskbar,et…just mousing over the Toolbar selection sets it off).

I had Roxio Easy CD Creator for like, three days around a year ago and did not like it, uninstalled and switched to Nero. But, never installed or even knew I ever had Sonic BackUp MyPc.

Any feedback would be appreciated.

Hope there will be a fix in the future, seems to be a problem for more than a few.

back to 2.4 I guess.

Hi Casperrr

There must be a misunderstanding. The other thread here, appears to indicate, in the end, that this is a MSI (Microsoft Installer) issue & is not directly related to CFP 3 at all. CFP 3 just happened to use MSI, which provoked it into displaying a corrupt entry that it had (usually caused by an aborted/failed install in my experience). A Google search on the CLSID reveals pretty much the same thing (71 hits. with 1 pointing to the thread you mentioned).

PS I don’t think Reg cleaners & reinstalling MSI will help. MSI stores the bulk of its data out-side of the registry, in files.

I recommend using the “windows install cleanup utility” found on the microsoft site.


Thanks for the replies.

The topic I was referring to is -

Tried the Windows Install Clean Up and the software in question that keeps trying to install is not listed and has not been installed for over a year. Sonic BackUp MyPc.

The only change to my system and the only other specific references to similar issues is here in the Comodo forum.

I really like the firewall and want to use it.

Will try a reinstall of 2.4 and see if the “Sonic Issue” remains.


I assume you have tried the suggestions in the post you referred to. Such as reinstalling Sonic and uninstalling it again. Somehow the installer is still hidden on your system and needs to be found.


The Windows Installer pop-up issue did not occur on my desktop system when CFP 2.4 was installed.

With CFP 3.x installed, it occurred frequently. However, reinstalling Sonic (now StompSoft) Backup MyPC, then uninstalling it fixed the issue permanently. I then reinstalled Backup MyPC (my primary backup utility on my desktop) and the behanvior has never reappeared.

There is a remnant of Backup MyPC that still remains on your system that is causing this problem. It is likely an orphan registry entry or perhaps a file buried deep in the Windows System32 directory.

I believe there is a good reason for this… CFP 2.4 does not use MSI (it was dropped earlier because of problems), whereas CFP 3 does. This problem (a corrupt/incomplete MSI install entry) would probably present itself with any MSI based install attempt.