Windows host process (rundll32) has stopped working

I was having this error “Windows host process (rundll32) has stopped working” for a while everytime I was deleting internet temp files in IE7 but couldn’t find the cause. I taught maybe that IE 7 had damaged files so, I decided to reformat my hard drive and reinstall windows vista ultimate x64. Everything worked well until I reinstalled CFP 3 then the error started to pop up again everytime I was trying to delete my internet temporary files. So I uninstalled CFP 3 and the error stopped showing. It’s been 2 weeks now and still no error. I’ve got CFP 3 also installed on my laptop which has Vista premium x32 but not having any problems. Could it be a bug related to Vista X64? I’d really like to see it fixed so I could reinstall CFP 3 again.