Windows Home Server Support

Hello. I’ve been using Comodo’s anti-virus for a short time now and I’m very pleased with it. I would like to suggest making a version of Comodo anti-virus for Windows Home Server. Many other anti-virus vendors have already created versions for WHS, including avast!, McAffee, Bitdefender, FSecure, Norton and more. WHS is based on Server 2003 so it may already work, but it would be nice to have an officially supported product with a WHS console add-in. I believe that a version for WHS would be very popular with the WHS Community since there are currently no other free anti-virus programs that officially support WHS. Thanks.

OT, but it’s be nice if they also developed a WHS version of Comodo Backup.

It would also be nice to have a WHS Add-In for Comodo Firewall and Anti-Virus.

Avast! has one, as well as McAfee <(Lame, charges subscription after 7 month trial.)