Windows Hibernate and CPF

I have encountered CPF related problems when restarting Windows out of hibernate mode.

The observed behaviour is:

An item appears in the task bar showing the CPF icon and the label ‘MS Visual C++ Runtime Library’. This item can neither be opened nor closed by clicking on it.

Random display issues affecting the desktop occur.

The display driver hangs when attempting to log off.

These problems can only be cleared by rebooting the computer.

:slight_smile: Resolution:

Open the System Configuration Utility (msconfig.exe) and under the Startup tab locate and uncheck the CLPTray item to disable it. Reboot the computer for the change to take effect.

The Comodo Launch Pad can still be opened when needed from the desktop icon.

This action also appears to have resolved the Windows Security Centre issues reported in my previous post at,1770.0.html.

The latest version has the option to stop launch pad starting and just use CPF icon.

Hibernate is known to cause problems and most people say not to use it. I dont use it as it used to randomly crash my usb ports (usb dsl modem).