Windows folder itself tries to access the internet?


I’ve got this notification popping up from time to time: Comodo hosted at ImgBB — ImgBB

It looks like “System” (??) is trying to access the internet. If I click on it, it turns out thet “System” is the System32 folder in C:\WINDOWS. How can a folder try to access the internet? Usually I just block it, and everything keeps working fine (updates included). Other windows processes in that folder will pop up and I let them through, but I find creepy that a folder itself tries to access the internet. What does that even mean?. Also, the ip it tries to connect to changes every time, and I don’t get much information when I try to trace it.

Thanks for your help

  1. yes, this connects to the internet!
  2. malware exploits this type of connection;
  3. if you don’t share your computer over a network, you should block… :-TU

Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:
I’m definitely blocking it. I guess that I’m still trying to understand why Comodo says that a folder is trying to connect to the internet. What does that mean? A folder is not a process, what is going on here? ???

That’s not a folder. System is pseudo process like System Idle process. nbname 137 is for NetBIOS which is part of windows file and printer sharing. If that IP is a LAN connection and all components on the LAN are trustworthy then it should be safe. However if your directly connected to the internet i.e no router just straight into the modem, then that’s not safe.