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Your explanation is very clear and I will leave mine disabled until such time as I get another PC to create a network. I originally switched it off as I thought it was responsible for the Windows Firewall being switched on even though I had Comodo installed which ties in with what you say. Thanks again for the reply.

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From everything I’ve read, ICS should never be disabled so I’m leaving it on. My WF never enables itself, it stays off.

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I am not sure where you’ve read such thing ??? but you can look at this site for a start
(more than 70 unneeded services are disabled here)
and sure, there is a description of ICS in particular …

I can find other sources

As for WF being re-enabled by MS I think I posted several times staring from v2.4 of Comodo’s firewall.
That’s happening sometimes during MS updates/patches if there are some network related. That can happen when you are just going through the network settings.
Actually that was the first time when I reported it here as far as I remember. I wanted to change something in TCP/IP settings just for testing.
I did and then reversed the stuff back, cause “that” didn’t help…
… a bit later some funny things emerged related to connection… and I found WF being re-enabled (believe me I know what I am doing and I did not touch the WF poor thing)

So I posed that as a suggestion into Comodo’s Wish List that time (long ago) to introduce the option for checking WF in “real life” periodically but not only as a notification during the initial Setup

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moreover the ICS service must be disabled in many cases, say when setting up some VPN…
and as many those unneeded MS services it can be a security risk.
So if you don’t use it - you better disable it
e.g ICS Security | Microsoft Learn
2) well – it is not so hard to find unsolved “mysteries” with WF being re-enabled “by itself”
Interestingly enough, I never read those before (found few minutes ago):
and the advice about ICS & MS security updates involved
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Since this thread was split due to unrelated discussions (thanks Ganda:-TU )

one related message I posted was somehow lost

Here is another thread where user experiencing WF being re-enabled

In this case CIS is a suspect. I doubt that , but anyway - such problem does exist
unless ICS is not disabled and therefore should be addressed;msg349195#msg349195

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