Windows Firewall reports 'Started' in services.msc

Apologies for not searching the forum first, but I am really into getting my 60 yr old mother pc back up again. (L)

Anyhow, I just pulled up services.msc looking to turn off windows search (biggest resource hog MS has come up with) and discovered that Windows Firewall service reports it is ‘started’ and set to ‘automatic’ start. Is this right, I have turned it off via Vista control panel and the security center and firewall window all report it is turned off. Does this sound right to anyone? ???

I think it’s automatic in case you need to switch the MS firewall back on for some reason. It should be fine if your system is telling you it’s off. I have mine on automatic still without seemingly any problems, but I’m using XP.

Hello. I have mine as disabled. See attached picture

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Also an interesting webpage you might like to read can be found here;

Windows Services