Windows Firewall ON/OFF

I have recently noticed that Comodo doesn’t turn off windows firewall during installation ???. It can stay on the whole time and you will never know. I think many users know this already though, but this is really a big problem that can really weaken the amount of alerts the firewall gives.

Known and annoying problem.

It did turn it off for me and I think most others. Apparently not for everyone though.

I am running the COMODO Firewall on my Widows 7 system and have manually turned off the Windows firewall. Does COMODO recommend that the Windows firewall be turned off?

It’s a well known rule - you shouldn’t have more than one firewall running.

It is definitely recommended to turn Windows Firewall off as unexpected things may happen that could interfere with your security.

Also because CIS is simply superior to Windows firewall as well…:wink:

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I really wonder if CIS 4 will disable windows firewall ???

With the current beta version of v4 it still does not disable Windows firewall…

May be tis because there’s nothing changed but added some new features?

What I don’t understand is that Comodo detects firewalls but won’t even detect when your windows firewall is on ???

We don’t get it either why this has not been fixed yet.

I’ve just installed Comodo on a computer under Windows XP Pro SP2 where Windows firewall was disabled, and Comodo has enabled it…

Are you sure about that observation. I have never seen Comodo turn on Windows Firewall even after it was uninstalled.

ATTENTION: I will assume most, if not ALL the people who have experienced CIS not disabling the Windows Firewall have VISTA. This didn’t happen at all with XP. I believe the reason CIS doesn’t turn off the Vista Firewall is because when you do, it automatically turns ON Network Discovery and File Sharing in Vista!
I turned BOTH of those features OFF months ago only to discover today that my recent install of CIS re-enabled them!

QUESTION: Am I now Visible on this Network I share with others? Or does Comodo Firewall take up the slack and prevent me from being seen on this shared network as Windows Firewall did?

Lastly, what if I just COMPLETELY UNINSTALLED Windows Firewall? Would that be safe?

Unfortunatly most of you are VERY wrong…but only as far as what MS recommends and such. This is ALSO becoming a very hot topic within Security Solution Providers.

Microsft has ALWAYS recommended that third party FW vendors build around their existing OS firewall. The reason, as I found out using Avast, is that the WinFW (XP and Vista Kernel-Win7 is still the Vista kernel) does more than just FW type stuff. Its responsible for communication in a home network (that is not IP related) as well as other internet functionality.

If WinFW is disabled and the suite you are using has not implemented their own form to replace these CORE FUNCTIONING COMMANDS, you are in for comprimisability as well as an unstable system.

Melih, has Comodo addressed these things independitly?

I would think that if you were going against MS recommendations and requiring us to shut down WinFW you would show that, is this correct?

Please address this conern OFFICIALLY and ASAP as people may be shutting down things they have NO IDEA they are shutting down.

WinFW On or Off?

Microsft has ALWAYS recommended that third party FW vendors build around their existing OS firewall.

I suppose that Krosoft would never advocate using a third-party firewall, at least not more then whatever security editor advocates using Microsoft firewall.

Not speaking of MSE, windows xp default firewall is not a firewall, as it allows whatever outbound (i know, now CIS4 does the same, and it is a shame).

One cannot seriously say that, without windows firewall, system would be unstable and compromising lan and wan communications.

I have used such a configuration for years, and i am not the only one, and everything always worked without any problem, including when i was still using kerio 2.1.5 firewall, a very old software not suspected to change whatever windows/internet settings.

i have been doing some testing with Windows Firewall and CIS 4. If you disable WF then Network Discover is turned File sharing is turned on. If you turn FW back on, then Network Discovery and File Sharing is off. If you turn off Network Discovery and File Sharing w/WF on, the WF is automatically turn off.

This seems to indicate that WF and Network and Sharing Center are tied together. The WF must be on for Network Discovery and File Sharing to be off. Not sure if this matters, but my network location is set to public. I have everything off in the Network and Sharing Center, except Password Protection.

It was by accident that I realized that some things were on. I disabled WF when I installed CIS 4 when it was released. I was vulnerable that whole time. I can only hope that my system was not hacked. Hopefully, CIS protected me while WF was off. I also use a router.

That is EXACTLY what is NOT being said but is fact for WinFW module. If your giving opinion on what you think should be done with it, please keep your opinion to yourself.

Some of us would like to know the ACTUAL, REAL response. No dis intended.

Windows Firewall IS responsible for more than just what your average fdirewall is ready to take over and do. If the firewall application you are using DOES NOT coverthe things you will be shutting down along with Windows Firewall, you WILL become unstable.

Windows, and ANY OS, is not designed so that you the user can really turn off 1,s and 0,s without cuasing part of it to become unstable…unless you wrote the thing of course. Any arguement against that is porrly designed to deflect this topic from actually being addressed, or it is simply something someone is going to defend to their end simply for the sake of debate.

I had a friend that tried to argue the Hubble telescope worked by senbding a beam of light out and the images we got were after the beam would bounce back to the telescope…and he defended it to the end, even though that meant the Hubble telescope would have had to be laucnhed over 600 billion years ago for some of the images it has given us.

Im just sayin, this IS NOT a user prefeerrence. Eiyther the app you use has to start dealing with the other things WinFW handles or YOU WILL NOT BE SECURE. Just becuase you are going to ‘feel’ like this doesnt sound right, do not try and make your opinion fact. Research the actuality of everything you just got given to your brain and let this get answered. Some of us do our security off real life facts, not what are buddy told us is fact.

FACT: Microsoft DOES recommend that ALL third party vendors make their app able to run and function without inteferring with the Windows Firewall. Windows Firewall is NOT just a firewall that is why. It is NOT becuase MS doesnt want you using third party software…whers the money in that as their firewall comes with the OS?

So, does Comodo firewall require that Windows firewall be disabled, and did Comdod design there own paclages that will now be shut off if we DO disable Windows Firewall.

Please quote your sources, if not you would be the one mixing your personnal opinions with established facts.

You don’t need to be offensive, writing uppercase, use off topic arguments (like the Hubble story sophism) to make your statements valid, and i am ready to believe they are, as soon as they are not only enumerated from your own beliefs but result from non discutable sources, both microsoft and external.

The sources i have in this regard, including good reputation security sites and Microsoft Technet itself see nothing wrong in disabling windows firewall, at least as long as xp default firewall is concerned (i won’t discuss vista or 7, i only know them to exist).