Windows Firewall keeps being disabled(without Comodo Firewall installed)[M2219]

Since the update(before the next bugfix happened), Comodo keeps disabling the Windows Firewall, even through Comodo Firewall is NOT, and never was, INSTALLED.
Comodo keeps disabling it and the Internet Security Agent fails to start with it. I understand disabling it if you have the Comodo Firewall, but not in this context.

(Offtopic, but is the “App Logging” seen in File List Required or can that be disabled/set to only critical?)
The last update has been buggy in general, Security Agent failing to start(requiring a reinstall, worked after that, but it needed to be a clean reinstall, wasted about half a day), Firewall being disabled and all this Desktop Icon nonsense… really disappointing and I hope that the next Updates have more quality checks.

Can you provide more details, which Windows version and type, Comodo package and version installed, other security software installed?

Win 7 Home Premium x64
Product Version: hoped that this update would fix this problem like the Desktop Icon one)
No other Security Software installed, were all cleanly uninstalled and I’ve had Comodo on this PC for more than half a year, no issue and it working great until this update rolled out.

I can confirm this is happening on at least 10 (ten) Windows 7 machines where I had installed the CAV 10.1.6209 product (no Comodo Firewall). The Windows firewall is disabled. When I re-enable it, it becomes disabled after a short period.

There are many issues with the 10.1.6209 release, I have spent many hours trying to resolve problems caused by this Comodo update!

Hey, another User! And you can confirm the issue I had as well(guess you had to just sign up like that, just like me, also good that more users can confirm this, makes the chance higher that they’ll see it as huge issue and listen/start fixing it faster).
Yeah, the update really is bugged, really low quality, especially for a company which focuses just on Security! Such things shouldn’t happen and I hope that Comodo puts more quality checks in the future. Will give them the benefit of the doubt and excuse it this time.

Other user here and in 2 pc.

I have the same problem: Windows firewall is disabled after a reboot.

Win 7 32-bit.
CAV 10.1.6209 (no Comodo Firewall).

Thank you.

I am wondering if anyone from Comodo is monitoring this thread and if the bug has been shared with the developers? If so, will the solution or work-around be posted here? If not, where should I (we) go for help with this issue?

The M2219 is the internal tracker bug number that comodo uses for logging bugs and wishes. So they are aware of it.

Hello futuretech,

Thanks for replying. I appreciate it.

Do you know if this issue should be fixed in the upcoming release (today)?
If not, where can I get the official previous version CAV installer?

Best regards.

I haven’t seen any indication that it will but it could be fixed in this upcoming release. Comodo no longer provides older version installers and which ever online installer you have will download and install whichever version is available at the time of install.

It is possible that this bug only occurs when updating from a 8.x to 10.x and not when updating between two different 10.x versions. Also installing after uninstalling the old version could also ‘fix’ the bug.

According to the release notes this should be fixed with please check.

Hello futuretech,

The issue has been fixed in v10.0.1.6223.

Thanks again for your help. I appreciate it.

Best regards.

Just got the update today(no idea why it took Comodo two days to notice the update), will check, thanks :-TU

Bump: The Firewall was disabled again today.