Windows firewall blocking with cis firewall enabled.

So in the program VLC media player when i try to cast to my chomecast i get a notification from windows firewall that some of the functions on the app have been blocked, and 2 tick boxes so i can allow for private and public network.

this happens with CIS Firewall enabled.
and if i go into firewalls it says windows firewall isn’t active because i am using another firewall.

but it still blocks this action, and i have to disable the comodo firewall, so it enables windows firewall, to be able change the settings in windows firewall to allow VLC to use this connection, or else it won´t let me.

I also tried to disable windows firewall manually, then there is no problems.

is there a conflict somewhere? or why does this happen.

i am not sure if i should i just deactivate windows firewall manually and keep it off.
or activate it so it deactivates automatically when i enable the comodo firewall, and then just allow the connection in windows firewall.

Comodo firewall no longer turns off the Windows firewall on Windows 8 and newer. You need to disable the windows firewall manually and keep it off so you don’t get these kind of conflicts.