Windows firewall auto re-enables

On my Windows 7 PCs, both 32-bit and 64-bit, I turned off the Windows firewall on the admin and user accounts (since I used the Comodo firewall). A couple of months later, I found that it was turned on for all accounts. Two questions:

  1. With both firewalls active, are any of the Comodo firewall rules bypassed? I’m looking for an answer from a Windows programmer with detailed knowledge about how Comodo hooks into Windows.
  2. How do other people prevent the Windows firewall from automatically re-enabling itself (maybe as a result of Windows Update)?

Start → Run → type services.msc → find the Windows Firewall service and make sure that Startup type is set to Manual.

manual… or disabled :wink:

If Windows needs to access the service for some reason, it won’t be able to do when it is set to Disabled and that will result in system errors (BSODs, etc.). I always recommend setting services you don’t want to use to Manual.

When I disable/manual Windows Firewall, Win7’s ‘Action Center’ reports there are no firewalls operating even though the Comodo 5.3.17… Summary reports that “All systems are active and running”.

No one on here, I have asked, has been able to tell me how to get Win7 to recognize Comodo. I certainly it is doing as it reports. Apparently Comodo does not work well with Win7.

Hi. I have heard of Windows firewall re activating, when a new network connection is setup, or other changes in network and sharing section. This maybe or may not be the cause. I have had no problems with it re enabling itself myself. Hope this may help.

Comodo works great on Windows 7; maybe the Security Center got corrupted. To rebuild it, go to Command Prompt and run it as administrator. Now type net stop winmgmt and go to C:/Windows\System32\Wbem\Repository. Rename the Repository folder (eg. Repository_old). Again open Command Prompt and type net start winmgmt. Restart the computer. If that doesn’t solve your problem; reinstalling Comodo firewall surely will.

The root cause of the problem I reported is explained by Radaghast here:;msg488407#msg488407