Windows Firewall and COMODO Firewall

This is a simple comparison I want someone knowledgeable to show between these two firewalls - I want to know how the WINDOWS firewalls deals with attacks and just connections in general:

Firstly, I want to know how Windows Firewall would handle flooding. Does it have inbuilt rules similar to COMODO Firewall? That is, blocking suspicious hosts for a set time period. Or does it have other such measures, or is it purely about blocking and allowing connections based on pre-coded and user defined rules?

Second question: does it analyze packets like COMODO Firewall does, that is, blocking fragmented IP datagrams, or/and analyzing protocol standards, or/and verifying packet checksums…?

Please answer these questions as you would answer to a complete noob. I do not want the technical details, I only want to know that when, if, Windows Firewall does simple traffic regulating, then as effective as it, should I be having those options ticked in COMODO firewall.