Windows File Protection pop up after using Comodo Antivirus....

Hi! Having scanned with Comodo Antivirus for the first time this evening and it found 7 threats. I decided to put these in quarantine but when I got the error message “Windows File Protection” which missed some original files and that these were necessary for Windows to run stable. I have used both Avast and AVG Anti-virus for years without the kind of error messages after adding virus threats in quarantine. So what will you recommend me to do now if your PC crashes at start tomorrow? Do I really risking to format the entire hard drive and reinstall Win XP again after having worked well for almost five years. This I did not like at all …:frowning: I regret now that I did not continue to use Comodo Firewall and Avast Antivirus together as long as it worked so well that it did but thought it might be okay with a combined solution in the same program such as Comodo …
Well, then I hope that this will be corrected so that others do not have to experience the same thing …

Jim R.

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Open Command Prompt (Start → Run → cmd) → type sfc /scannow and see if that fixes your problem (you may need Win XP CD).

“Open Command Prompt (Start → Run → cmd) → type sfc / scannow and see if That fixes your problem (you need May of Win XP CD)”

Hi! I have already done it, but I was repeatedly asked to insert the cd with XP professional despite the fact that this PC at the time it was bought for almost 5 years ago was installed with XP Home Edition. On all these years, then all updates have been installed so that the old Recovery CD will probably not be of much help. I will now turn off the computer for the evening so there will be interesting to see if it starts tomorrow. Wish you all a good night …:slight_smile:

Jim R.

Did you restore the files from quarantine?

Comodo Antivirus isn’t supposed to be able to detect Microsoft files as malicious, but for some reason you seem to be experiencing exactly that. Hopefully your system isn’t infected.

Please see if you can restore the files.

Hi Gammelnix,

if you put the files in quarantine as you said, they are not deleted and still existed. So, open the quarantine box, remove the files you’ve put in and restore them.


it is either infected or he is using modified files. Either way something is wrong with the system.

As languy said, do you have any patches installed on windows?
Restore the files detected and download Dr Web Cureit! and give it a scan because it has file curing capacities which would be helpful if you are infected with a patching virus such as Virut or Sality.

If you need a windows disc to do that and you don’t have one

I saved you the trouble, so you won’t have to search through microsoft, it’s a pain

Good morning to you all:) Well, have now started the PC and it works so far, so it only remains to see how this goes over time … A big thanks to the response from you. :-TU
Should mention that I ran sfc / scannow yesterday with Win XP Home Edition Recovery CD into the CD player and the extracted some files from there but, most of the time I was asked to insert the CD for XP Professional and that is not on my PC … … strange ???
I hope this works now so I do not have to format the entire disk …:slight_smile:
You really must excuse my bad english … hope you understand what I write … :a0

Sincerely, Jim R. :slight_smile:

Does the windows file protection message still appear?

What’s the language your running your OS in?

If you take a look at the Quarantined files you can see that most of them are “cold” files located in ServicePackFiles or $NtservicePackUninstall & i386.

Only file “live” is in \Windows\System32\Netsetup.exe and that would not have broken your boot cycle.

I think I’ve seen this before it had something to do with non English OS files.

“Does the windows file protection message still Appear?”
No, so far it has worked well … :wink:

“What’s the language your running your OS in?”
If the OS is the same as the operating system then XP Home Edition on this computer in Norwegian language … :slight_smile:

Well, I’m not sure what caused this warning but, the warning came up just seconds after I had put these files in quarantine …
Does these files a real risk on the PC or are they of the kinder version?
Just before installing the Comodo Antivirus, I ran a full scan with AVG and it found nothing, as it turned out that AVG and Comodo did not work so well together so I decided to uninstall AVG and install Comodo with both firewall and antivirus … … so the question is then how wise it was … the time will show …:wink:

Have a great weekend:)

The files in the Windows folders are False Positives so you can forget about them, or report them here:
Comodo Forum you need to upload the detected files so if it no longer detects them then that won’t help.

The file in System Volume Information and YourDigitalVideos might also be false-positives but that’s hard to say based on the screenshot, you can also post them in the above board so that AV analysts can verify it.