windows file and printer sharing

Im inside an LAN, i previously used agnitum outpost firewall 3.51 it was easier to set up and everything works but its very outdated the new outpost it feels bloated so decided to use comodo firewall since many recommend it, and it have less prompts, i installed yesterday and i CANT get my file sharing and shared printed see each other, i dont know how to set it up, i read into the forum in some topics created the zone with the IP range of all my computers set up the stealth option allowing my network zone, and even created aditional rules of IN and OUT for TCP/UDP and IP for my network zone, but then NOTHING works. I disable the defense+ that its the problem for many people but still no result

I really need help i cant get it work…

Hello eilegz

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We will need a bit more info on your setup before we can help you out with your problem. Please refer to here and post back your info.


thanks i will try to ask help using the guidelines but right now i just uninstalled because i have to make the thing work with printer and file sharing i guess i later test it we more time, somehow comod firewall its a very lightweight firewall and im impressed with it in the best firewall for a single pc user but not for a local area network pc =/.

anyways keep doing a good job :smiley: