Windows Explorer errors after updating CIS

After updating CIS (, I keep getting this error nearly every time I shut the computer down:
Explorer.EXE - Application Error
The instruction at [address] referenced memory at [same address]. The memory cannot be “written”.

Occasionally, there is also this error popping up in the middle or routine work:
Windows Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Neither of these errors has ever happened before, and they started precisely on the day when I updated Comodo to the current version. Chkdsk and Memtest show no problems. Also, this computer never had any errors in any software before.

The computer is 5 years old, and there have been no changes or updates in hardware or any other software. It runs Windows XP 64 bit. I know it’s not officially in the list of supported OS on the CIS page, but I’ve used Comodo with WinXP64 for years without any errors, and though I’d let you know.

Would be great if this could be fixed. I love CIS :slight_smile:

I’ve been a long time user of CIS, but today I had to uninstall it for the same big problem described here, namely the repeated windows explorer crash that started after updating CIS to the latest version (the same mentioned above here)…

my operating system is window XP sp3 (italian language), usually the only protection of CIS that I keep active is its firewall…

hope that this bug will be fixed in the next CIS version so I can reinstall it without issues

the same problem win xp 32bit sp3 :-\ go back cis 7.0.317799 :cry:

Same problem here on 2 PCs, one with XP Home SP3 and the other with XP MCE SP3. When exiting from Explorer.exe it crashes, resets the desktop and then starts DrWatson.exe that sometimes hangs and I have to kill the process.
The PC semms also slower than with the previous version of CIS.
Going back to v and refusing to update to the newer version fixes the problem.

Just to confirm: the explorer.exe errors and crashes were indeed caused by the latest version(s) of Comodo Internet Security.

I uninstalled version, installed and the errors stopped. Everything is back to normal.

There might be versions later than that are still good, but this one was the latest one I had saved.