Windows Explorer Alternative

I have worked with windows 7 home premium 32bit for 2 months.

And i don´t enjoy working with windows-explorer.

Comodo could develop an alternative customizeable file browser.


very important: I didn´t mean the internet browser. I meant the file browser.

In what a security involved company should write unrelated software, like file explorers?

Several such utilities already exist, freeware as well as shareware (e.g. Total Commander), and are downloadable from your usual software download portal.

Comodo published an internet browser.

A file browser needs security as additional feature also.


It does not as long as local computer browsing is concerned: the files are supposed to have already been scanned for malware by firewall/antivirus/defense+ before and after they are written to the local disc, and a suspected file can be scanned through the comodo context menu.

Wouldn’t a secured file browser in these conditions make the system slower and be redundant?