Windows error when updating

Hi Comodo community, this is my first post here, you have a great forum packed withgreat info.

I am running win xp pro sp2 when updating the System cleaner program I get a windows error something about a signature error, then it runs the update, asks if I want to reboot to complete the update and does so, after reboot the program is not updated??

In Diagnostics one or more files of your comodo system cleaner installation were altered. The files is corrupt and needs to be replaced.

I tried this and the same windows error pops up and no files are repaired.

Be great if you guys could help. (V)

Found another windows error, when in Diagnostics, ed to get a system report came up with another windows error,

I still have the update problem persisting???

Can anybody help me. I love all the other Comodo products but this one, I even reinstall system cleaner same problems came up.

What version of CSC are you using? The latest Beta version is here “”.

They also recommend uninstalling the older one first, then install the latest version.

What ever version you currently download from Comodo today, but not the beta version, I did uninstall system cleaner.

I have WinXP Pro SP2, and uninstalled the old version of CSC, then installed the newest Beta version with no problem. But I am logged in as Administrator. Just seems weird.

I have a computer business and I am recommending to home, business users to install all other comodo products on as many machines as possible, so a fix to this problem would be great (:WAV)

The Beta version in the link I provided is what I am running as of now. Before I was using your version, and I had the altered files in Diagnostics also, as many others had. If you don’t like trying Betas, I can understand that, but I think that is were your problem lies.

Yes I have just installed the beta version 32bit and it has fixed the problem :BNC but I still have a problem with diagnostic - system information and it still come up with a windows error also an update problem, it tells me there is a new version available to update when this is done it restarts if I look in updates screen in system cleaner it says last update never this happened in the previous version?