Windows doesn't recognize USB devices anymore

Good morning
As on every forum as a newbie I would like to say hello to everybody.
I am a Belgian citizen living and working (Headmaster) in Thailand for more than 7 years now.
First reaction about comodo. After having installed the program I restarted the machine which was a real mess. The PC was almost blocked…
I had to use tune up utilities to remove comodo from the start up list and then it went fine. I started comodo manually and did some set up, following the indications I found on the web.

The problem I have now is that all usb devices which were working fine are now unknown devices. I got that problem before with another big flash drive (298GB) but the printer and a small usb key were working without trouble. When I search the net, I can see that this usb issue is quite common, not comodo specific, the answers I can find on other sites are quite old and do not convince me at all…
I am running XP SP3
By the way, does comodo prevent MySQL from connecting to the pc Localhost (I am new at MySQL)?
heers for now ???

Check Unrecognized files or Sandbox in Defense+ section because Defense+ could block something. Use “Training mode” instead of disabling CIS in start up, by the way there are 2 main processes - cfp.exe (runs as a program, and is mostly the shell part of CIS) and cmdAgent.exe (the main core, and runs as a service).