Windows Defender

my friend will be testing avs for me until my family matters is fixed

Not a bad review. As a non-IE user I would have liked to have seen it tested without the smart screen filter.

Windows 8 Default security does not have a zero day option available. But it does somewhat block an unknown program after it being downloaded. I would install Comodo or private firewall as a zeroday option.

-This is in reply to your comment on youtube nsm

Hi andrei1997,
What do you mean by “zero day option”?
Does this “option” exist in any security … including Comodo?

Good Behavior Blocker (BB) would be the only thing that can come close in order to help with zero day/hour malware, but still that’s never ever 100% bulletproof … and Comodo does not have real BB yet,
so where is that “option”? :slight_smile:


Windows defender from what I have seen, does not offer a behavior blocker or HIPS in anyway. I am not saying that I am right.

At least the new Windows Defender looks better.