Windows Defender

Can Windows Defender provide any extra protection as its antispyware only, with Avast free installed.
Any conflict/compatibility issues?


i dont think windows defender does much of anything

I had this Windows Defender as it gets installed with Windows by default. It gives insignificant load to the system. About protection I can’t say anything except that I guess it’s just signature detection. When it was on my comp it several times blocked some malicious files.

So Windows Defender gives additional detection without any noticeable load to the system.

So should I install it alongside Avast free or its not worth coz the protection it provide would be very minimal?


If you have CTM then why not? IMHO there must be increase in detection of malicious downloaded files as it was in my case (and imho not only that).

It’ icon resembles Defensewall which I like. :slight_smile:

Some antivirus program will ask you to turn off WD realtime scan when Install.
But I disable it after install Windows. And install AV program ;D

I know a lot of people will disagree with me but I kind of like Windows Defender. Course of you want to run a real-time protection anti-spyware program with an AV there are others that will provide better protection then Windows Defender. My reason for going with it (beside Avira IS) is the small RAM use.
Also I read on a Microsoft employee blog that in Win8 Windows Defender will be buffed up and play larger part in protecting the OS. I can’t remember where I read it but you should be able to find it if you search a little, so sometime down the line it will get a good makeover.