windows defender

Hi gang. I’ve just bought a new desk top (vista) and the first thing that I did obviously was to install CIS. My question is , should I leave Windows Defender enabled or not, and is there likely to be any conflicts? Best wishes to you all, Yamo. ???

I have been disabling Windows Defender and nothing has jumped up to bite me yet.

many thanks grayhair :-TU

There are no conflicts known to me. It is your choice.

Thanks for your help Eric! ;D

Absolutely no conflicts with Windows Defender. I have never disabled mine (Vista Ultimate x64).

I have had Windows defender running on both xp and vista… No conflicts with CIS :-TU :-TU (even if CIS got you fully covered).

Confirm it’ll not conflict.
(In present time)

yeah yeah, the guy get it already ;D