windows defender doesn't turn off

I have comodo free firewall (without AV component) installed on Windows 10 pro x64.
Since I did that, I have a problem with third-party AVs – they don’t make WD turn off.
What happens is that all 3 AVs appear in the list of installed AVs:
comodo (even though I don’t have the AC component), WD, and the 3rd party AV.

If I manually turn off WD, it shows as “snoozed”, not as turned off, and it turns back on at reboot.

I tried panda free, and webroot WSA, and same problem.
This didn’t happen before I installed comodo.

When I installed comodo, the installer I used was for CIS, i.e., the full program.
After installing, I modified the installation to remove the AV component.