Windows Defender and McAfee Enterprise Updates [Resolved]

I have Windows Defender and McAfee Enterprise. The problem I have is getting the Firewall to recognize these programs when they Update. For some reason it won’t allow them to. When I close the Firewall the two programs will then do an update.

In the application monitor I have identified both programs as having permission to update yet it still won’t work. Obviously I am doing something wrong.

Any assistance will be appreciated.



W.D. and McAFee?

Regardless, can you please go to CFP’s main window and go to Security - Advanced - Miscellaneous - Configure and tell me what the “Alert Frequency Level” is set at?

it is set at low…

Hm. May I have a screenshot of your network rules, please?

Screen shots have been sent to you by email…


And the email has been deleted.
Please attach the images to this forum, not to an email.

Here it is

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Hi cjpas, just a suggestion take a look in the component monitor and see if anything is blocked.
Also if you turn off component monitor will the program update? At least this might narrow down where the problem is. Hope this helps.

Nothing is blocked in the component monitor.


Change your alert frequency to Medium or High, OK, reboot computer. If you get alerts for svchost.exe, you’ll need to allow or risk losing your internet connection.

Run updater on Win Defender, watch for popups. Check “Remember” click Allow.

Do the same for McAfee.

Then you can move the alert frequency back down if you like.

Hope that helps,


PS: If you want, you can PM me a full-screen screenshot of your Application Monitor, and I’ll see if anything looks out of place with those applications. You might take two, each with one of the pertinent applications highlighted.

Problem solved…thanks Little Mac… (:HUG) (:CLP)

Thanks also to all others for their comments and suggestions…


No problem, CJ, glad to help.

I’ll mark this topic resolved and close it. Should you still have this problem, please PM myself or another Moderator with a link to the topic, and request it to be reopened. We will be happy to do so.