Windows Cannot Access the specified path!

I download comodo off the site and when i double click the exe it says. “Windows cannot find the specified device,path,or file. You may not have appropriate permission to access the item”. I am the only user that uses this computer i have full privileges for everything… When i googled it they said right click go into general properties and click unblock, but that still dident work. Help please!

What OS are you on? VIsta or XP? With what browser are you downloading it? Try another browser to see if that brings any help.

Im on vista home premium. Ive downloaded it TONS of ways and even tested it on another computer(in which it worked just fine). For some reason i cant access the file on this computer!

It sounds like you have not enough rights to the mentioned folder. See if elevating the rights to that folder helps. Can you post the path and file that cannot be accessed?

i have full access to everything as im the admin of the computer. The controls also say i should have access but i still get the same error message. Im trying to acess the file C:\Users\Rin\Downloads\Comodo.exe ( i renamed it)

i managed to install it in safe mode but i still find it extremely weird that this was happening. thanks for trying to help!

Same thing happened to me… just installed Comodo FW yesterday.
When I tried to install something, Comodo prompted me, and I think I typed “isolated application”.
OOPS Shoulda selected “Installer”. Since explorer.exe was the parent, this made it “isolated”.
Cannot open a file, cannot add/remove programs, cannot do almost anything from task bar or
from any Wiindows Explorer window.

Solution? See other posts at this site… search for “cannot access”.
For me, this is what worked. The idea is to get explorer.exe to be a trusted application again.
Start CFP.exe in one of two ways:

Reboot to safe mode (hit F8 as your computer restarts), or open the Windows Task Manager by
hitting CTRL+ALT+DEL. If the latter, click “File”, then “New task (run)”. In the “Create New Task”
window that appears, type exactly this: “file:///C:/Program%20Files/comodo/firewall/cfp.exe”.
(Assuming you installed comodo in the default location. If not adjust the path above accordingly.)
Hit “OK”, and the firewall window should open.

WHEW Now, as stated in other posts, go to “Defense+”, “Advanced”, “Computer Security Policy”.
Find explorer.exe and make it a trusted application. Don’t forget to click “Apply”.

That should do it!

My PC done exactly the same. Thought I may have been hacked at first. horrible feeling.
I had chosen the isolated application option by accident.

Just one note … the C:/Program%20Files/comodo/firewall/cfp.exe didn’t work for me but
“C:/Program Files/comodo/firewall/cfp.exe” worked (Include the speech marks)

Would have thought comodo developers would maybe warn you that your going to isolate explorer.exe and warn what would happen.

Once again, thanks for your brilliant post.


Thank you thank you, that was exactly what happened to me and exactly what fixed it.