windows cannot access specified device etc

the above warning came up on one of my home PC - I could not access any programs. after a clean reinstall of windows & a few of my essential programs (SP2 & many windows updates, AVG, Comodo firewall), all seemed well (though itunes couldn’t be reinstalled?). Then it all went wrong again. AND then my othe rPC at home went of as well. After much arsing about I uninstalled comodo firewall v3 & suddenly all was immediately well!!! I have done this on both PC & both appear cured, even itunes reinstalled OK. I believe this all started to happen after a recent firewall update - anyone know what is going on. I’m tempted to reinstall an older version of comodo firewall. At the moment I’m running the windows firewall behind a Netgear router, so hopefully the computers will be reasonably protected. Any ideas anyone?

Not sure what version of CFP you are running, but had a few problems that were fixed by another release yesterday.
It may not fix your problem but it’s worth a try.
Search for update manually via ‘Miscellaneous/Check for Updates’, and then reboot.
Good Luck,

Hi Mike
thanks for the input. I believe my version was v3.0.19. I’ll keep my eyes open for this fix/update

No need to wait Toby, it’s already available via ‘Miscellaneous/Search for Updates’ route.
Very small file, takes a couple of seconds to download; then you just need to reboot. :slight_smile:


thanks - have other people reported a similar problem to mine? i.e. will this update fix my problem? I’ve seen download speed problems but nothing as dramatic as mine.

Toby, I think you will just have to try it and see.

Who knows what a bad piece of code (as was written in can do?

I think the problem with updates is that no two computers using Comodo Firewall will have exactly the same configuration, so some users may appear to have problems that are specific to them.

However the latency problem with v.309 seems to have affected a large number of users.

Other firewall producers have similar problems from time to time as well (I remember all the problems ZA has had with updates in the past, seen on another forum), so Comodo is not unique in this.


P.S. Let us know how you get on. :slight_smile:

ugh, ZA - the very reason I moved over to Comodo. I guess its play time - again. I hope my son doersn’t mind me screwing up his PC again!!!

Hey tobster,

I haven’t got this problem, so i don’t know what your problem can be. I got serveral letters assigned, many for 3 HDDs, 1 for DVD-RW, 1 for a simulated cd-drive, and also used mounted network shares without problems. When and how this problem occurs exactly and under what systems? What is the device you can’t access, is that a storage device (i think)? Have you checked Windows’ own event log?

I moved your topic to the help section until we can find out under what condition you got problems (~is this a firewall bug?), thank you for your help.

the following is a list of the symtoms

  • I can’t access virtually all exe files & all desktop items. I can open the shortcut or folder eg my computer, but it won’t allow me to do anything in there
  • I can’t access control panels or start any new programs.
  • It won’t let me switch off the machine
  • logging on as a different user has no benificial effect
  • Reinstalling windows only temporarily restored its health (but then itunes couldn’t be reloaded)
    Strangely progs that were open when the failure occured are usually still usable.
    I managed to uninstall my most recently installed program , Adaware7, by booting into safe mode, but this had no effect. I eventually removed Comodo (through add/remove in Control panel), having recently been prompted to upgrade to 3.0.19. Upon reboot, the PC immediately is fine. Strangely windows security centre still thinks Comodo is running - curious. i have done this on both my problem PC & both are now running well. My third one, which hadn’t succumbed yet, I uninstilled Comodo JIC. All 3 PC are now running the windows firewall behind a Netgear DG834G router. Perhaps I don’t actually ‘need’ a better firewall than thr windows one as I’m behind a router.
    So, Ark, what do you think?
    P.S. I haven’t yet installed the latest version whivh I D/L last night.

Very similar to the symptoms that I had with the first version of 3*.
Had to go in to Safe Mode to get rid of CFP - still plucking up courage to try again (on v2.4 atm).

Yes, - i think too - this must be an old version. I guess it’ll be all right with the last release.

I don’t remember well but i had alike problems but it was either a very old release or a beta. Just to be in safe: create a restoration point before install so you can use the last known good configuration if you still got problems.

well here is an update on my problem. Having uninstalled v3.0.19 all ran smoothly for a couple of days. I then took a bravery tablet & reinstalled an old version, v3.0.18.309, which I had read was a good one. Again all went well until today when the same probelm arose. I do not believe the application upgraded (if that’s what you call it) itself. I booted into safe mode/administrator & uninstalled comodo using the uninstall option i.e. not add/removed in control panel. Reboot & all is well again. I have D/L v3.0.20.320 so perhaps I’ll try that one. Of course I could try an even earlier version - anyone recommend a good one…again? :THNK

I experienced the same problem today, Version Suddenly I had no privileges to do anything on the PC, not even shut down. All icons disappeared from the status bar. All programs and all settings were DEAD LOCKED. What a Horrifying experience!

From Safe Mode I uninstalled the application. Then deleted “boot.ini.comodofirewall” and ALL comodo items on the hard drive and from the registry. Then ran CCleaner and Registry Booster v2 a couple of times.

Now up and running on version …320

The only way this happens is by clicking on a D+ alert and blocking something that shouldn’t be blocked like explorer.exe or svchost. If you went into safe mode you could have looked at your logs and see what you blocked.

Hi Vettetech
thanks for the input. Unfortunately everything has been deleted duriing the uninstall so I can’t look n the Defense+ log. So, you think it’s something I’ve done , eg block an application etc? It’s strange that this should happen on 2 computers AND that the effects of this block is so widesweeping and obstructive. i.e. the computer becomes completely unusable. There surely can’t be many things that if they are blocked will cause such major disruption? Next time it happens I’ll have a look inside D+ (under safe mode of course as I’ll be locked out everywhere else)
P.S. is now installed & running OK at the moment.

xplorer.exe or svchost would be the only thing. Be sure to read all your alerts and not just go click happy.

Now that you’ve alerted me to this D+ log I’ve had a quick look. Since I installed the latest version of CFP yesterday there have been 13 events - all bit one of these are adaware ad-watch2007.exe accessing memory, with the target being comodo firewall cfpupdat.exe . What on earth does this mean & shold I be worried?

Honestly speaking Ad aware is junk. It use to be good back in the days. Most of use including myself use SuperAntiSpyware free edition.

What do you base this on. Facts please.


I don’t need facts its the truth. Look around yourself for reviews. For one it installs a back round service even if your only using it on demand. There is no reviews for as’s except for paid ones over at PC Mag. Look around and you will see that tons of people are using SAS over everything.