Windows build upgrade .. and codomo T^T.. bug..

Please refer to the video.

I made a Windows build update.
And see the video …
It does not work normally.

Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.16288.1]

Should I reinstall? (comodo)
every time?..

A good idea ?
Is there a way?..

My Reasoning…
Rebuilding Windows base elements …
I think this is a problem.

And this one is close to RTM.
Get with it, Devs. Only a few weeks away, before shipped to retailers, then to the public at large

We are checking out if we can produce it as well.


Another user with an insider preview build have shown network connections work correctly as seen here.

Though I have heard of other users having this issue with regular non-insider builds but was corrected after a re-install.

Hi krdondon,
from which version did you update to 16288?
does reinstalling CIS fixes the problem?


Hi Krdondon,

Please reboot the system and check again. The issue resolved in our case.

Kind Regards,