Windows Boot

Hi. I am new to Comodo having used Zone Alarm prior. I have read that Comodo can block the internet while Windows boots. I cannot find this setting. In the pdf I downloaded the gui looks like a previous version of Comodo. So can I block all internet activity as windows boots and Comodo comes up?

Hi, which version do you mean? You can do this in v. 2.4 (I can’t tell exactly where though, since I don’t have it), but there’s no such setting in v 3.0. Since you write “previous version”, I suppose you mean 2.4? But you have 3.0?


schnooze, I deleted your other topic and moved this one to Help for v3.
And like LA said, there’s no such setting, but I think that the Custom Policy Mode applies as soon as the firewall driver is started, which should be like the old Block traffic during boot, except the applications in your rules are allowed.