Windows boot in loop (URGENT)

in a period of 2 days I have had a number of complaints from several users whom I recommended Comodo Antivirus to. They all use version 1.1
The problem is always the same : after installation of automatic updates on Feb 14, Windows XP continues to boot forever. Windows Safe Mode is unaccessible, because also there the system goes in a boot-loop. So uninstalling CAVS becomes impossible.
I had the same problems on my laptop as well as on my desktop, with Beta 2 on both of them.
Fortunately I could re-install a ‘ghost’-file with Acronis Image on my desktop, but I had to format my laptop and make a clean install, thus loosing all my work (I write programs in Delphi). At first I came to think that ‘Patching Tuesday’ from Microsoft did the evil, but the more the complaints came in, the more I realized that Comodo is the reason.
Could you please check what updates you send around the globe and how they can be fixed ? I’m not looking to re-install 20 or so PC’s this week-end >:(

read this:,6483.0.html