Windows apps - False Positive?


Name of detection: TrojWare.Win32.Adddrop.UVA@374695167
Database : 24164


Is this a false positive? I hope so, because this scan was after a clean windows install.

Hi Balipapi,

Please submit the detected file to us so we can check them.

Harikrishnan M

AS above I am also getting false positives on most on my Windows (universal) apps in Windows 10.
The apps affected will no longer run and I cannot restore the files as Comodo will not let me.

The follow apps are affected for me.
Sound Recorder, Bing Sports, Windows Camera, Bing Finance, Windows Phone, Bing Weather, Microsoft Solitaire Collection, Xbox App, Microsoft People, Windows Communications Apps, Microsoft Windows Store, Microsoft Windows Photos.

The Windows Store will open ok but also the rest will open and close straight away.
Hopefully a fix is on the way very soon.

Edit: I will also send the affected files to be checked.


Thanks for your reply!
Good to hear its “normal”.
Unfortunately i can not send the files, because i cant open the infusedapps folder.
But if there is no malware, and you send those files to check, im not trying to get privileges.

I’m just doing a full scan and at 30% there is 26 files detected all which are from Microsoft Apps.

Either Microsoft changed something or Comodo changed something. I suppose I will find out soon.

Edit: There was 26 in total. I did add them to excluded files but still cant restore them. So so to fix would be to uninstall them either in power shell or Ccleaner or something similar as Windows wont uninstall some apps as there built into Windows then I can reinstall them and hopefully they wont be detected by a fi8le name which is different.

But I will wait for the false positives to be fixed as I don’t think it will be far off in time.


Fortunately i used to delete all windows apps, after windows installation, even store, so it doesn’t bother me, just wanted to know if its malware or not.
Hope you get a solution/answer soon.

I just checked on another pc and all was ok.
The only difference is the affected pc is Windows 10 32 Bit and and the other pc is Windows Pro 64 bit.

So the false positives may be 32 bit only or the non pro version is causing it.
As I said before hopefully a fix is not far away.



Thanks for reporting,
Detection will be removed in next few updates.

Harikrishnan M

My windows is 64 bit Pro version.

Same problem is on my computer too.
Windows 10 x64-English


Will the update allow me to restore the files as currently I can’t and it would make it easier to fix the apps.
As to uninstall them has to be done via Powershell or a uninstaller programme then you can reinstall.


I’m just doing a scan on my 64 bit pc and it has detected a few files.
I originally just opened apps as they opened ok I assumed all was ok but I was wrong.

Going to be a bit of a hassle till it is fixed.
I am curious as to what has caused it too.


My Win10 32bit USA English computer advised of the same TrojWare impacting Windows Store… same as above with some variation in the files impacted. My other computer Win10 64bit USA English has not yet advised of finding the TrojWare…


I just want to mention that i’m having the same problems stated above on my Windows 10 64-bit version. The file detected in quarantine cannot be restored by Comodo as of today.

Therefore, I hope Comodo can release a fix on that as well so that my News app can be opened once again.

Thank You. :slight_smile:


This is to inform you that false-positive has been fixed already.
You can update to AV database Version <24168> of Comodo Internet Security
Version <> and confirm it.

Harikrishnan M



Name of detection:TrojWare.Win32.Adddrop.UVA@374695167
Database : 24178
I cannot restore the file.
Failed to restore file.Access denied.

Thank you .

I split and moved the posts about restoring the apps from the Store to Restoring Windows Store Apps after they got quaratined.