Windows, AntiVirus, and other Updates

Can Time Machine ignore or exclude certain folders or files from snapshots, like Windows Updates, antivirus signatures, and other program updates? or do you have to create base line snapshot after any updates that you want to keep?


No. It’s not a file backup, but a snapshot one, i.e., everything is inside of an snapshot.

The current state of the machine always include everything that happened after the last snapshot.
You don’t need to recreate the baseline each time. You can take a new snapshot (before or after).

I think the reason of you asking this question is that in case of a rollback you don’t want some programs/files to go back to a previous state. Regarding updates done by Windows~ NO, but you can get around by taking a snapshot right after Windows Update and when needed rollback to that snapshot.

With AV signatures and other programs, open up CTM’s Windows console, click settings and in " Advanced Settings " click " Synchronize these files/folders when restoring system to another snapshots " and browse and pick the files/folders you want to synchronize. ( “Synchronize” here means the files you pick will replace a previous snapshot’s files with the current ones in a rollback )

hey James… is it possible for this to happen without prompting the user? I am running a computer lab in Africa. I’d like TM to restore every single reset, but exclude files from windows updates and AV… so the important things can be updated and yet everything else is rolled back. Synchronize prompts the user each time and this I doesn’t work for a computer lab type setting.

It’s not possible. All the folders and files into a protected partition (disk) are kept inside of the snapshot.

If your computers are set to automaticly restore a certain point in every restart (quite hande with public machines) I think the best option is to disable other automatic updates than av-software and update manually Windowns and software manually with certain intervals. After these updates you make another snapdhot and make the machine automaticly restore to that snapshot. Antivirus definitions update so often and the newest ones are so important tha there is no idea to left them unchanged in the restoration progress. Probably after restoration there is a newer version of the definitions available and you can let the machine update to them.

PS. with puplic machines I recommend using norton dns-service. it is free, easy to use and it prohibits your clients to surf into dangerous or otherwise harmful sites (■■■■■■■■■■■ etc…)

Hi, ‘HereIamAgain’, the Confirmation for “Synchronize” comes as is and maybe the CTM team could consider making an option in the future for users to have it implemented without user’s confirmation.

At present, you may take Jaskaolen’s advice which is to do manual updates and take a snapshot afterward as your new rollback snapshot, or you may consider install the AV on a partition not protected by CTM and see how it works out.

“Windows Updates” incorporates itself into the system so it’s impractical to consider synchronizing it, you may take a snapshot right after Win updates and choose it to be your new rollback snapshot. Also I’d suggest try to minimize the use of synchronize feature, as it would take extra process and time !