Windows and Comodo firewalls are turned off

I’ve got flashed with a msg 3 times on Tuesday stating that both Windows and Comodo firewalls are turned off. The msg slides out from the right side of my screen in a box. You can see it in the attached screenshot.

Yet, when I look at Comodo, it appears to be working! So what to do?

Running on Win10 Anniversary with latest Comodo CIS.

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Hi iamme99,
Was this a clean install of Windows 1607?
If yes, please see the link below.
Windows 10 Anniversary build doesn’t allow Comodo drivers to be installed

If it was an upgrade from a previous Windows version including 1511, please try a clean install of Comodo Firewall.

Kind regards.

I don’t see why a reinstall would help since it is Windows that thinks security is not working but I am willing to give it a try.

So what’s the correct download link for my version (

I looked at three different Comodo links (all from Comodo) and I see three different versions, none of which match the version ID that I have installed!

There is:

  1. cispremium_installer.exe
  2. cispremium_installer_5997_92.exe
  3. cispremium_installer_6100_08.exe

And I am confident that I would find other versions if I continued to follow the links in a Google search on ‘comodo internet security’.

Hi iamme99,
I believe the links posted on the Forum are the most reliable.
Comodo Internet Security build is released!

I am suspecting if it was a Windows upgrade while Comodo was installed, that it didn’t register the Comodo Firewall correctly.
A reinstall of the Firewall would most likely correct this.

Kind regards.

Yes, I did an upgrade install. I did not see this problem during the week prior to installing the Win10 AU, when I had did the original upgrade install to Win10.

I then ran the Win10 AU the same day it became available (8/2) but I did not begin to see the warning msg until a couple of days ago (8/16). The only thing that changed with Windows was a patch applied 8/10, specifically “Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1607 for x64-based Systems (KB3176495)”. If something in this update caused the problem, why did it take 5 days after patch application to show up?

Hi iamme99,
I am not sure an update did break anything, I was just suggesting possibilities.


I reinstalled late last night. Waiting to see if the problem reoccurs.

I would caution everyone to closely review ALL the settings because IMO, the CIS default settings required a LOT of tweaking.

For instance, I believe I am fully on IPv6 from Comcast yet by default, the option “Filter IPv6 traffic” is not enabled.

From the help “Enable IPv6 filtering - Enabling this options means CIS will filter IPv6 network traffic in addition to IPv4 traffic. (Default = Disabled)” does not explain WHY this option is default disabled or what the impact of it being disabled IF you are running on IPv6 is. Is this a security exposure if the filtering is NOT enabled?

Hi iamme99,
Does the Firewall show as active under security in the security and maintenance section of Windows control panel?

Regarding the IPv6 questions, hopefully someone with knowledge in this area will respond.

Kind regards.

Yes it does. But have yet to see that msg after the reinstall.