Windows Activition

I think Comodo blocks Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit activision. Windows gives error code: 0x8007232B. DNS name does not exist (more info). I am using Comodo’s ports.

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What happens when you use another DNS server? Does the problem go away?

While you answer Eric’s Post You may want to Try to clear the DNS Cache
Start → Programs → Accessories → Command Prompts → ipconfig /flushdns

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I used this:
Still it doesn’t work.
I put it back to optional.

I switched routers too (both are different).

If changing DNS servers and following Jacob’s advice to flush dns cache does not change the situation then it is either a firewall setting or a Windows error.

Can you show screenshots of the Firewall logs ( View Firewall events) and Defense + logs (View Defense + events) of around the time the windows activation error alert occurs?