Windows 8 StartButton - now you have it

I prefer start8 with the Windows 8 Modern UI start menu, it’s nice. =)

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Im just learning about Win 8 - and still not sure to migrate from Win7 .

now the score is 80 % for win8 and 20% for win7 :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t see the point in not upgrading other than perhaps protesting. The only reason I see people not upgrading for is because of the new startscreen… but that is easily fixed with one of the many products out there! But honestly I like the new startscreen better than the old startmenu. And the new startscreen + Start8 is wonderful. The only thing I don’t like is the metro applications, spent the first few minutes un-installing most of them. (tip: Do not use the Skype metro application, it is horrible!)

;D Thanks for the tips .
Still have a couple of days till the special offer from Microsoft end.

:stuck_out_tongue: I know w8 is mutch quicker & a like the style ,but there is always that -but >:-D-

I have been using Pokki think I will take a look at start8 :wink:
Also uninstalled most the Metro apps

If you haven’t seen it, you may find 9 Windows Start menus for Windows 8 of interest.

I hadn’t seen this, thanks :-TU
I have decided to stick with Pokki for now, I’m enjoying the different “feel” of W8 :o
I understand some people miss the functionality of the start menu but I personally don’t see the sense in trying to emulate W7.
It was very comforting having a start menu for the first day or so :)However I have found I am using it less and less as time goes on.

I personally really like Windows 8, I don’t use the start menu programs though, I prefer to use things as they were made to be used. It definitely takes a bit of getting use to but after I got use to the change, overall I prefer Windows 8 to Windows 7

I agree, I only use Start8 with Modern UI because I like the aesthetic(spelling?) view of a tiny bit smaller start menu that overlaps the desktop. =P
Oh and because it lets me take away the transparency since apparently in Windows 8 you NEED to have transparent taskbar and window border. <_<

I saw your screenshot, I like the way it’s setup especially with the Windows 8 style for the start menu background

Some of the W8 styles are actually pretty cool…
Like I said earlier - it does have a different “feel” I suppose you either love it or really hate it
Jumping on the bandwagon here with mine

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:■■■■ looks realy cool and full of positiv emotion . :-TU

Here is mine

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The thing that jumps out at me is the weather :o (I’m so jealous but I think this is a topic for another thread)

Pretty cool
I like that it takes literally seconds to change the whole look of the start screen, which means it changes with my mood.

Cheers costerin :■■■■ back at ya

Come to Florida, we have plenty of nice weather :slight_smile:

I will pm an address so you can send tickets :o ;D

In all seriousness I do intend on visiting the states again, this time I would like to do a motercycle road trip around the southern states 8)

:■■■■ The decision is made

29 of January will upgrade to W8 :stuck_out_tongue:

Now have that half Win 8 - witch is very funny on my W7.

Here you can get it to tray.

well worth looking at :-TU

Have just properly looked at the link -
Its W8 style for W7
not sure about this but could help you decide…