windows 8 pro 32bit and CIS 5.12 advice needed.


I would like to know that does CIS 5.12 (latest) work problem free and without issues on win 8 pro 32bit? Anyone using it please let me know. I have read posts of people having issues with it and if true please let me know when a issue free and stable version comes? I am currently using KAV 5.4 and want to switch to CIS for better protection if possible. Thanks in advance for your advice.

Hi taleblou,

Don’t forget all PC’s are different, some people are experiencing problems and others it is working fine :-\

Personally I’ve not tried 5.10 or 5.12 but have gone straight to 6.0 beta to test it ( although I’m already finding problems with Win 8 on it’s own and Driver compatibility :cry: )

Really the decision is yours - try 5.12 and if not working then uninstall / system restore and try 5.10
OR stay with KAV 5.4 until next beta / Public release of CIS 6 :slight_smile:

No issues with CIS5.12 and Win8 Pro 32-bit here. I did a clean install of Win8 (not an upgrade) and installed CIS5.12 as the first third-party application.

IMHO upgrading (ie. installing Win8 over the top of an existing Win7 or Win XP system) is asking for trouble. I have never done an upgrade with any version of Windows. If you take a disk image of your existing system so you have a way back you can try a clean install of Win8 and CIS5.12 yourself.

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