Windows 8 firewall gets re-enabled

Windows 8 firewall doesn’t get disabled after installation. I manually disabled the firewall. Even after that it gets re-enabled.

With CIS 6, the Windows 8 firewall is left enabled by design.

Isn’t there a potential for conflicts to arise ?
Surely it’s better to have an option that can disable the Win Firewall when CIS in is installed like other vendors have ?

What I’ve read before, in order to get Windows 8 certification they are not allowed to disable the built-in Windows Firewall. I don’t know if it’s true or not but it wouldn’t surprise me.

Understand that but I thought that would apply to actually disabling the Windows Firewall Service. You can keep it running (and actually should so it doesn’t affect the installation of certain applications) but still turn off the Domain/Private/Public filtering from wf.msc which shouldn’t affect gaining certification.

I thought it was about the firewall, not the service. It’s very much possible for me to have misunderstood though.