Windows 8 Default Firewall is still turned on?

I installed Comodo Firewall but I still see the Windows 8 default firewall as switched on.

Is this supposed to happen?

I will say this. I personally disabled the service my self. i do not know if comodo disables it after you install cis 6.

But i will say that in windows 7 if you try to share a printer with the windows firewall of it won’t work.
so if you are running comodo it’s ok to start the windows firewall up and create your shares, then disable the windows firewall and just run comodo and the shares will work. On windows 8 I had to do this to enable a remote desktop connection. I have not tried sharing anything else of Windows 8 like printers to see if i have to enable the windows firewall, share the device and the disable the windows firewall.

Unfortunately, the problem with third-party security applications, including CIS, failing to disable Windows firewall, has been around for a long time, you only have to search these forums. Usually, when this happens, it’s simple a case of manually disabling Windows firewall.

You really shouldn’t need Windows Firewall to be enabled for sharing files or printers or using Remote Desktop. If you’re finding this necessary, it may be a configuration issue…

The Windows firewall is supposed to be automatically turned off by CIS and this happened on all 3 of the machines I have installed it on. Turning it off and manually disabling it can be two different things and parts of the Windows firewall structure are needed for sharing things. Just simply go to control Panel–Windows Firewall and turn it off. There is no need to delve into services and disable things that may still be needed even if the Firewall itself is not active.

So, is this a bug?

I installed CIS 6 on XP 32 & two Win 7 64 systems & on all the 3 systems CIS disabled Windows FW so no probs here.

I think there is no need to disable the Windows firewall service, simply ensure that the Windows firewall is turned off (via Control Panel). The Windows firewall must be running for you to set up file and printer sharing.

If, When your say “The Windows firewall must be running for you to set up file and printer sharing.” you’re referring to enabling Windows firewall in control panel, it’s not necessary.

Right, it is only the underlying services that need to be running, not the firewall itself.