Windows 8 CP is out Will CIS work?

I am running Win 8 Consumer Preview right now all win 7 drivers and programs seem to work fine.
Will Comodo run properly?

win8 is not supported currently. v6 is supposed to support win8 which is expected to hit beta around the end of April

Hoping for a mod preview before that date. I feel kinda naked when not having CIS on Win 8 CP… I have no idea what is going on under the hood :-\ :cry:

I’m using the Windows firewall with Windows Firewall Notifier which is working fine. If you choose to go down this path, don’t forget to ‘turn on’ .NET Framework 3.5 from Programs and Features first. Also don’t forget, the version of Defender in Windows 8 is actually MSE.

It takes changes specially for security code as new ‘apps’ are more limited then on Win7.

So a good security product has to adapt to the ‘security’ changes that have been made between Win7 and 8.
Nothing 3rd party that runs security on Win8 is ‘optimized’ for the OS at this point.

There are a few company’s offering Windows 8 comparability to one degree or another:

Windows 8 Beta compatible

avast! 7 runs great on Windows 8 and even has some cool new Windows 8 specific features, such as the Early-Load Antimalware Driver (ELAM), which snaps into the Windows 8 Secure Boot process to provide additional protection against system-level rootkits and bootkits.

Kaspersky Internet Security compatible with Windows 8 Customer Preview
Make sure your beta test of Microsoft Windows 8 goes as smoothly as possible. Protect your PC and yourself with our newly updated Norton Internet Security 2012.

As you can see below, our Outpost Firewall, Antivirus and Security Suite Pro (version 7.5.2) are already in beta compatibility with 32-bit «W8» system

However, It’s still early days and things may change, so it’s well worth waiting.

When I ran Win 7 beta with the back then version of CIS. I was hoping this scenario would repeat its self with Win 8 CP.

At Radaghast. I will surely check out your suggestions in the upcoming period. I did try the Avast 7 IS but the firewall did not function. I haven’t had the time to look further into Avast 7 to see if I can make it to work.

More than one million people have downloaded Windows 8. We wait CIS. :slight_smile:

I wonder how many of that 1 million will continue using Windows 8, if MS don’t do something about Metro on the desktop.

That Metro desktop, for a desktop PC, is truly awful. I cannot believe Redmond thought it was a good idea or the way forward.

Well there could be all kinds of things behind this…

  1. put the normal desktop in the Beta and no one will test the Metro GUI…
  2. push Windows Phone 7 sales by copying it’s GUI and ‘attracting’ the younger generation…
  3. they’re so convinced this is the best way to go…

It’s deffo not for the tech or enterprise users.

metro is NOT SO BAD when you get used to it, but at least for me its nothing more than an alternative desktop full of shortcuts to “old-style” apps.

And well, “start-menu” (metro) search was improved too.