Windows 8 and openVPN headache

I run W8 as a dual boot on my HDD
I try to always connect to the web through my VPN and use CFW to make rules on a per application basis.
WithW7 this is no problem, I feel pretty secure I have no data or DNS leaks - the VPN logs always show
-Initialization Sequence Completed as it should.
When it comes to W8 it’s not so simple - I have an identical config in regards to software and settings however the VPN log often shows Initialization Sequence Completed with Errors to rectify this I have to restart the DHCP client. This sometimes works sometimes not.
If the computer goes to sleep to get the VPN to connect with no errors I basically need to reboot and possibly restart the DHCP client.
I’m getting close to kicking W8 out with the trash, In my experience with it (not much granted) it appears more and more tricky trying to protect my privacy whilst using it - the amount of web access requests from new and unknown to me processes is worrisome.
Any input or knowledge anyone can pass on would be much appreciated.
Gotta love 7

Try going to the OpenVPN Gui shortcut and slecting Advanced → Tick the box “Run AS Administrator”, OK, then give permission for the change. You should be prompted now each time you start from Modern UI.

If it`s hidden from the Modern UI Right click → Advanced → Open file location

Good luck,

Ok thanks :-TU
I will take a look when I boot back into 8 later this evening