Windows 8 and Comodo Internet Security (free version) issue

Ok, first things first, I’ve started using Comodo a few months ago after reading reviews that it was awesome and I was thinking of using something else or an even better alternative for a free antivirus software that i can recommend to others(i recommended Comodo to my friends) all went well because I began to love it after i installed it on our dell inspiron 1525 with windows 7 installed, same thing with my sister’s laptop and my dad’s too. Then I had a friend who asked me to install Windows 8 on his Samsung N100 because it did not have an OS installed and it was a gift supposedly for his girlfriend. After doing so, I installed Comodo and updated it, when I restarted it went to a black screen. So I had to refresh the OS (it’s a new feature of Windows 8 ) where all applications installed will be removed but the files remain intact and the system itself will be set back to its previous setting.

But the Windows 8 apps require a minimum of 1024 x 768 resolution, the netbook only has 1024 x 600 so I had to set it back to Windows 7 Home Premium and installed Comodo and it was all ok. Then in our dell inspiron I noticed that it went to a black screen too after logging in same thing with my friend’s netbook which was peculiar. So I refreshed it again, reinstalled all the required applications (adobe reader, ms office, skype) and lastly Comodo because I wanted to leave it there while downloading virus database signature updates. It went to a black screen after restart AGAIN, and believe me I did this twice before I realized what was in common with what I did to my friend’s netbook and our dell inspiron 1525. I started searching google and investigating and what-not, some say the result of the “black screen” was an old video/graphics driver, or the remedy was to flash the BIOS or update it, there were a lot of solutions but they did not work for me.

In the black screen after log in, i can bring up task manager and execute or run commands/tasks, I relaized that i can bring up any application by typing it in the new task option, so I investigated again by bringing up firefox and started reading on how to remedy this. Then I realized that the last thing I did before the screen went black was installing Comodo. So i typed in “appwiz.cpl” which brings up add or remove programs in Windows 8 and uninstalled Comodo and it brought me back to my desktop after logging in! This just occurred several minutes ago. Don’t get me wrong, I love Comodo and the purpose of writing this is for the Comodo team’s information so that they can investigate this issue, I am writing this post on the same laptop where Comodo was uninstalled.

Just to make sure, which version of CIS did you install?

I downloaded it off the site, I’m sorry, it was the Comodo antivirus with defense+, is it different? Because I remembered that it has 3 preset configurations, (Internet Security, Proactive Security and Firewal Securityl).

I’m just asking because only version 5.12, which has been available from the site for the past week or so, is compatible with Windows 8.

However, assuming it is the correct version, my advice would be to try having it uninstalled, running the cleanup tool (in safe mode) from this page, and then restarting the computer. Then, in normal mode, try installing it normally.

If this does not work please let me know and we will try something else.