Windows 8 64bit CIS 6 "The network firewall is not functioning properly"

On a new Sony Vaio with Windows 8 Enterprise installed on VHD, I installed succesfully CIS Premium 6. After installation CIS download antivirus definition and do quick scan. After this ask for restart. After restart a get x on red icon in task bar, in comodo window I get: “The network firewall is not functioning properly”. Disabling firewall i can navigate Internet if not disabled any communication is blocked without alert. I used old Cdomodo version on vista and with alert I can configure which program can start and connect to the net. CIS 6 now does not show any alert to inform of communication controlled. also if I have deleted any check box to not show alert in comodo advanced configurazion. Comodo CIS Premium 6 is installato but seems to not works at all !
Thank you . In attach report file generated by pressing diagnostic button in Comodo that dows not find any problem !

[attachment deleted by admin]