Windows 8.1

Hi All

I wanted to know, is Comodo Complete 6 Windows 8.1 compatable?

The help file is your friend. It will answer many questions for you

So according to the help section it’s not compatable with Windows 8.1?

I have run CIS 6 on Windows 8.1. Many software companies just say Windows 8 to refer to both Windows 8 and 8.1.

version 8.1 is a subset of 8 so yes it will work

When they say “Windows 8” they mean “Windows 8.X”.

Ewen :slight_smile:

And it also have different kernel.

Windows 8.1 is definitely not the same as Windows 8. Windows 8 seemed much more stable and useable than 8.1.

Say what now? I was using Win8 since day 1 and currently using Win8.1. Difference in stability is non-existent and they finally made Start screen more usable for desktop user and enhanced Modern UI for touch users.

I using Win 8.1 along with CIS V 7 RC and I find it to be very stable. :-TU

Hey, yes I just do not wish to use a RC on a new laptop, I’m using it on Windows 8.1 on my old PC which is running very well, no bugs, errors etc.,

I have used CIS v6 successfully on Win 8.1.

Maybe the older hardware on my PC is the problem. Not sure. For example, when I try installing programs in Sandboxie on Windows 8.1 it will not usually work. On Windows 8 this problem did not seem to exist. Strange.