Windows 8.1 update 1 Pro & Comodo Firewall incompatibility


When I install CF my windows defender turns off. I can enable it but after restarting Windows it happens again. I know it is a firewall not an antivirus. Funny thing is that windows firewall stays on but win defender turns off?!!
Is there any way to solve this issue because I loved Comodo products.

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If you’re running CIS, you have no need for Windows Defender and Defender automatically disables itself if third party anti-virus software is installed. This is for multiple reasons, the most important of which is running two antivirus softwares at the same time is a recipe for disaster.

If you’re running just Comodo Firewall and do not have CIS or another antivirus program installed, and W.D. is still turning itself off, there might be an issue that will need to be troubleshooted.

I have the same issue. After installation of Comodo Firewall (Sandbox, HIPS turned off, I am using only firewall) on Windows 8.1, Windows Defender becomes turned off after windows restart.
How to fix this? Or how to remove “Comodo Defence+” from list “installed spyware protection apps”, so Windows Defender will think it’s the only one protection app and won’t turn off at windows startup?

You can’t. Comodo Defense+ is required even for the firewall, as the firewall has to defend its process’s memory from malware. Otherwise said malware would be able to circumvent your firewall, making installing it in the first place an exercise in futility.

Btw, even Microsoft thinks Windows Defender is insufficient, that’s why they made MSE.

Windows defender in Windows 8 is built on MSE